This is my second poem published in the ‘High Tide’ Anthology.

A Letter to my Body

As a child you were skinny and smooth.
Strong, sleek, straight-edged.
A minimalist design,
Giving me license to stand proudly topless
on my bunk-bed tree-house
And roar Tarzan's primal cry.

You were Spiderman, Batman, The Hulk.
A brave soldier saving a lost world.
You held no shame.
Poker thin - straight up and down -
You declared neither Male nor Female
Just effortlessly carried me 
Fizzing with future.

Then, you got complicated.
Clean, strong edges dissolved.
Your outline blurred as you bulged unwanted flesh
in hard-to-hide places.
Oozing and leaking
You transformed.
An unruly package
stuffed into flesh-flattening elastic.

Now, you roared FEMALE
With unabashed glee.
But I could not share your joy.
The strap pinged in Science,
A stinging wound,
deepening my growing paranoia 
of what you, my new body, 
Were telling the world about me:

What I could and could not do;
Who I could and could not be.
You said I could be Jane,
But not Tarzan; M.J, 
But not Spiderman.
The Damsel, the bride, the love interest,
The prop.

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