Our child

My third poem published in the ‘High Tide’ Anthology Our ChildIn Italy we first dreamt you.Spoke you out of dust on drifting summer strollsthrough winding Venetian streets.We sketched your outline on gnarled chattering tablesand drank your laughter in long gulps of blood red Chianti.On the dark sands of the Lido we moulded your futureAs the Continue Reading

A Letter to my body

This is my second poem published in the ‘High Tide’ Anthology. A Letter to my BodyAs a child you were skinny and smooth.Strong, sleek, straight-edged.Uncomplicated.A minimalist design,Giving me license to stand proudly toplesson my bunk-bed tree-houseAnd roar Tarzan’s primal cry.You were Spiderman, Batman, The Hulk.A brave soldier saving a lost world.You held no shame.Poker thin Continue Reading


This is the first of my 3 poems that were published in the High Tide Anthology. DreamsI dream I am a writer.A dynamic thinker soon to birth an epic;A work so richly textured and subtly renderedIt moves the masses, thrills the critics, cleanses the world.Spoken of in the same breath as Atwood, Shields, Mantel.A fresh Continue Reading